A gift of death is avenged by a nation in this powerful tribute to the ancestors who fought for survival from extinction.


Attempting to create a period piece on a lower budget isn’t easy, but Mack dives in headfirst.
— MARK HANSON, Toronto Film Scene

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I had just moved from Williams Lake to Vancouver (British Columbia) at 19 and I was really trying to find out who I was, not only as a person but culturally as well. I was also dating a great First Nations girl at the time and she was really pushing culture into my life. I also saw the result of colonization and assimilation back home and I wanted to give a reason for my people to be proud of themselves. I think First Nations people tend to take the negatives first, but we should always be focusing on the positives; we’re still here.
— TREVOR MACK on his inspiration for The Blanketing
William Belleau and Sean Wei Mah star in  The Blanketing.

William Belleau and Sean Wei Mah star in The Blanketing.

It could have been the camping in the middle of nowhere for four days with no cell phone service, barely any resources, it could have been the 15-hour shooting days in the middle of summer, it could have been the fact that we were shooting with babies and animals, it could have been 80% of the film deleting from my editing timeline (and there was no way to recover it) so I had to re-edit it.

Every aspect of this project has been immensely challenging. But I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I’m glad my very first film tackled all of these “donts” in film. I wanted that.
— TREVOR MACK on the challenges of filming The Blanketing

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